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Fancy Pants 4

asdasdssadddddddddddddddddddddddFancy Pants 4 is the latest version, the newest product in a series of "Fancy Pants" games . The most favorite game gained its popularity due to interesting gameplay and exciting graphics, and also by the physics of the game, which is executed at the highest level. It's really original and exciting arcade game, and you can play it either alone or with friends. This is a very high quality platformer. Fancyman in orange pants can run very fast and jump high, and also bounce off the walls. First, you must pass the level of training that will be presented, to help the player understand all the intricacies of management. After this you will be surprised by huge number of levels. You will walk through the city full of firing mice and spiders, jump over the walls and force with many other difficulties. You will be able to find a way out of the forest, where it is easy to get lost in the foliage. The forest is full of wild colored frogs and poisoned ponds, you will have to overcome dangerous sea beach crabs, to get out of the crumbling platforms of sand castles and many other adventures. One level is gradually replaced by another. The main character moves between different worlds, opening doors, and moving steadily towards his goal. The game is very funny. A feature element of it is parkour. Fancy Pants can make different parkour tricks, which can be learned from level to level. Even though the hero looks gloomily, his movements are very funny, all the details are worked out well - jumps, somersaults, rolls and spinning, kinks on the wall - everything is made with great love and care. You can run along the ceiling, jump farther and higher. These tricks will also diversify the game. A variety of obstacles and many enemies, funny graphics, pleasant music and unusual world of adventure in this game, will obviousky make you very happy. To control the character use the arrow keys on your keyboard: Left and Right arrows - move; Down Arrow - to sneak, to roll or make a tackle; Arrow top - open the door; S - jump; a space bar - pause, also pause can change the color of your favorite pants.

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